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Just what anyone who works in Excel needs

I work in finance and live out my days copy and pasting so often to build sooo many reports in excel. These buttons have been a lifesaver on my poor arthritic hands!

The Claw

This is one of those gadgets you don’t know you need until your hand is frozen in a claw position after copying and pasting descriptions to your online store for a week. I’m very happy with my keyboard.

Love it!

I copy and paste so much at work and this little keyboard has been a game changer! I have recommended it to several of my coworkers!

Love this little keyboard. Fantastic customer service.

I use excel and word a ton for work. Sometimes an excessive amount of copying and pasteing is needed, and this keyboard is awesome!

My intitial order got a bit messed up and Scotty quickly corrected everything. Fantastic customer service.

Works and looks as advertised.


This little product has made my workday so much more efficient. Amazing how the little things add up.


This keyboard is everything I wanted and more! Highly recommend

Makes my life so much easier! Have not had any issues with it!

windows version sent instead of mac

i chose the mac option for the copy keyboard and when i hit purchase, the receipt populated as windows. i tried emailing to fix it and haven’t heard back. if i could please get the mac version sent instead that would be great. thank you.

much needed but not perfect

I need this item. i copy and paste for work 1,000s of times per day. So yes this item is great if it hold up to the abuse. But the construction is slightly off with the acrylic plates off center causing some altering of the side straightness

love it!

This copy/paste thing is amazing! I use it all the time at work. People don't say but I know they are jealous of me. If you are thinking of getting one you should.


Still waiting to receive the product.

$19.99 Copy Keyboard (Pre-Order)

Straight to it

This keyboard is awesome! Gave me ideas for the possibility of a screenshot button

Literally obsessed

My job involves an insane amount of copying and pasting and this simple tool keeps my pinky from cramping up! Love it so much.

Carpal Tunnel Relief

Great product, that saves time on the hands and wrists. Eliminates the need to do keyboard shortcuts and allows the magic to happen at a touch of a single button.

One suggestion is to create a keyboard that includes, cut and undo as well.

More convenient than you realize

I was wondering if this would actually be more convenient or if it was gimmicky, but it really is very convenient. While it doesn’t solve any real problems, it does shave off a second or two. That makes a difference if you’re doing something that involves constant copy/paste repetitively.

This key board is awesome

When I ordered this I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Once it did arrive and I plugged it into my computer I instantly loved it. This key board makes copying and pasting items super easy and I think it’s a cool item on my desk andw it lights up when I press the keys witch I think is cool

The product I didn’t know I needed!

My job is literally to build documents from other documents! So I’m constantly copying and pasting! My hands started to hurt from doing control c & v all the time & I saw this come up on a tiktok… I knew I needed it!! Literally saved my hands and fingers from the repetitive strains!! Life time customer !!!

Cool Little Gadget

Found this on TikTok and I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s super simple and a welcome addition to my desk