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Great! But…

I get emails EVERYDAY asking me to review this thing! Dang, people… I’ve only had it for a couple weeks!


Loved my office one so much, I bought one for my home office and one for my sister 😀 Thank you!

Need another one now 😀

Love it! Ordering second one for my office. Took a while to arrive but well worth the wait.


Literally my favorite office/desk product ever!!! An absolute lifesaver, saves me sooo much time and work! If you are wondering if you should get this or not, don’t worry just buy it!!! You will not be disappointed!!

Best coworker gift! Can’t buy enough of these!

I work in tech and this is a game changer! I figured out I make 500 to 1000 copy and pastes a day and this has been such a game changer! I even bring it with me on work trips now, I can’t be without my copy paste keyboard! I started buying them as gifts for coworkers send every single person has loved them! It is completely plug-and-play, no set up needed, and customer service has always been above and beyond.

Excellent product & service

I bought this product for myself originally, and it was the PERFECT tool for changing over record systems at my work. I ended up buying a second large shipment for my coworkers, and Scotty provided an incredible upgrade, free of charge, with a lovely thank you note. Great product, and I HAVE recommended it to others!

Excellent Recovery

Had an issue with my fulfillment and Scotty went above and beyond to make it right. And I'm also really pleased with the keyboard. Is exactly what I was expecting and has worked perfectly for a few weeks. Will be recommending to others.

My coworkers are jealous

I was originally laughed at until people saw me use it and now I get asked if people can borrow mine constantly.

Cord supplied doesn't work

I bought 2 keyboards from you one white and one black both for Mac and the cord that came with my wife's white one works and the black one does not. Also I noticed that my wife's white keyboard has little rubber feet on the bottom and my black one does not....

Fun Novelty Gift That’s Actually Useful!

Got this for my brother (mechanical engineer) as a novelty gift - but then he used it about 200x the first day! So I bought another one for my dad (civil engineer). I’ll have to wait til October for his birthday, but I have a feeling he’ll think it’s super cool too!

Absolutely amazing. Cannot go back to life before this keyboard. Loved so much, my coworkers also got them!

Brilliant Invention

For the amount I copy / paste throughout the day, purchasing this item was a no-brainer. It has increased productivity and saved my CTRL, C and V keys from imminent danger.

Just what anyone who works in Excel needs

I work in finance and live out my days copy and pasting so often to build sooo many reports in excel. These buttons have been a lifesaver on my poor arthritic hands!

The Claw

This is one of those gadgets you don’t know you need until your hand is frozen in a claw position after copying and pasting descriptions to your online store for a week. I’m very happy with my keyboard.

Love it!

I copy and paste so much at work and this little keyboard has been a game changer! I have recommended it to several of my coworkers!

Love this little keyboard. Fantastic customer service.

I use excel and word a ton for work. Sometimes an excessive amount of copying and pasteing is needed, and this keyboard is awesome!

My intitial order got a bit messed up and Scotty quickly corrected everything. Fantastic customer service.

Works and looks as advertised.


This little product has made my workday so much more efficient. Amazing how the little things add up.


This keyboard is everything I wanted and more! Highly recommend

Makes my life so much easier! Have not had any issues with it!

much needed but not perfect

I need this item. i copy and paste for work 1,000s of times per day. So yes this item is great if it hold up to the abuse. But the construction is slightly off with the acrylic plates off center causing some altering of the side straightness

love it!

This copy/paste thing is amazing! I use it all the time at work. People don't say but I know they are jealous of me. If you are thinking of getting one you should.


Still waiting to receive the product.

$19.99 Copy Keyboard (Pre-Order)

Straight to it

This keyboard is awesome! Gave me ideas for the possibility of a screenshot button